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Hello again, my name is Romina, and I am a self-taught painter. Welcome to another post about my creative process.

The piece.

Title: Attracted to light

Year of making: 2022

Size: 19 cm x 25 cm

Acrylic on canvas paper

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The idea.

The subject of this piece came to me in a workshop activity. We had to pair random words together. Then match them with a feeling. These playful activities are opportunities to be inspired and generate new ideas.

This piece is part of the States of Mind series. It’s the 8th in the series.

This piece is about fear and how fear follows us like moths to the light.  

In my personal universe, insects are an analogy of dark thoughts, fears, anxiety, obsessions. All the things that torment us. 

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The process

A few months later, I painted the final piece. I use canvas paper, Canson Figueras.


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