Pet Portraits Commissions in acrylic paint

Commission pet portrait

I am glad you’re interested in commissioning a custom pet portrait of your fur friend. A portrait of our beloved animal friends is a unique way to commemorate and remember our special bond.
I enjoy making cute and original pieces of art with beautiful botanical or vintage elements.

How to order:

  1.  Send me an email to . Select one or several photos of your pet that are clear and have good quality and choose a canvas size.  You can also add your ideas, requests and concerns to the message.
  2. I will contact you with any further questions or clarifications. 
  3. Once the idea of the portrait is confirmed, I will ask for a deposit of 50% of the price.
  4. Finally, I will start the paint. If you want, I can send you photos of the process.
  5. When the work is finished and you approved, I will require the payment of the remaining 50%. Then the painting will be ready to be shipped.

Sizes, prices and shipping:

Commission pet portrait price

It takes about 3-4 weeks for the painting to be ready. I offer Free shipping on orders inside the European Union only. The shipping time is around 2 at 5 business days.  If you want to order a portrait with another size or from another part of the world, please contact me. 

Send me an email to

Commission pet portrait
Commission pet portrait
Commission pet portrait
Commission pet portrait