Hi I’m Romina!
I was born in Argentina, in a city on the Atlantic coast. The sea and the beach are among my earliest memories. So much so that I learned to walk in the sand.

“Momi” is my pseudonym. It was the form in which my little brother could pronounce my name.

Books are my favorite thing in the whole world. My first love was a 3-volume encyclopedia that I had in my grandmother’s house. Full of pictures, with leather covers and that unmistakable smell that old books have.
There has never been a time in my life that I have not shared with a dog. And the day is not complete without a good cup of coffee.

I am a very inquiring person. The question “Why?” it’s my favorite, though “How?” always comes later.

I’ve studied filmmaking at the Arquitecture, Design and Urbanism School of the University of Buenos Aires.

I am married to my best friend. We have been sharing more than half of our lives. Currently, because of his work, we live in Wroclaw, Poland.
I am in love with art, drawing, and painting, but you already knew that.