Momi lotta

Romina A. Pallotta (b. 1982, Argentina)

Currently lives and works in Wroclaw, Poland


  • Universidad de Buenos Aires, bachelor in Audiovisual Design, 2005
  • Studied under: Marta Kisiliczyk, Maria Lavezzi and Monica Weiss


  • 2nd – 23rd February 2024, ‘Undercurrents’, WOW x WOW online gallery 
  •  600 Lodz 600 OBRAZÓW – 2024 – Muzeum Fabryki w Manufakturze, Lodz, Poland
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Artist Statement

Her passion lies in creating impossible beings, fantastical creatures, and anthropomorphic animals that breathe life into unexplored worlds. Through her art, she aspires to infuse magic into the mundane, transforming reality into something extraordinary. More than conveying concrete messages, she seeks to provoke questions in those who view her works, inviting them to follow the path she began when dreaming of these beings and allowing their imagination to lead them to new horizons.

At the heart of her work is a symbolic connection between human essence and the natural world, a relationship that transcends conventional bonds. This theme permeates all her past and current series, providing a sense of cohesion to her body of work.

She uses acrylics on various surfaces to capture her artistic vision. Her influences range from the Romantics and the Pre-Raphaelites to the Surrealists, blending elements from these movements to create a unique and timeless universe. Her artistic style can be described as magical realism, where the fantastical and reality intertwine suggestively and harmoniously.