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A wet palette is one of the more essential art supplies to paint with acrylics.

A wet palette is one of the more essential art supplies to paint with acrylics.

Hello! I’m Romina and, I’m a self-taught painter. 

The acrylic paint dried too quickly. I already mentioned it in previous posts (Here). But when I started painting, I quickly realized that this could be a problem.

I like when the paint dry fast on my canvas, but I hate when this happens on my palette. 

The worst is when you make a beautiful color mix, and after 15 minutes, it’s hard as a rock. 

Has the same thing happened to you? In this post, I will tell you how I solved it.


If you want to start to paint with acrylics, read this post. How to start painting with acrylic.

What is a wet palette?

This palette provides a wet surface on which we can deposit the paint. This way, we make it last longer without drying. This way we avoid wasting paint and also, we can take breaks from painting or come back the next day. It’s no more complicated than that! 


It is composed of:

  • Palette Tray and Lid
  • Sheets of special permeable paper
  • Sponge
What is a wet palette?

Buy it or make it?

When I started to paint, I bought one. I still use it, and I love it. 

In the market, there are many brands. You can choose whatever you want. As for which brand is better, it depends on your needs. These vary in size, price, and availability (whether it’s available in your country or not).

I have the Masterson Sta-Wet Handy Palette. What I like most about this is its paper. It’s thick and stays moist. 

It is easy to use and, you can buy the refill pack.

But a wet palette is what it is for what it does. You can create one at home, with items you have on hand. Your only need a plastic or metal container with a lid, a piece of baking paper or parchment paper, and some paper towels.

Prepare the palette

The most important thing is to prepare the palette correctly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The Masterson Palette, for example, has precise instructions on how to prepare the paper. It needs time to soak for it to absorb the water. 

But all palettes are prepared with the same way: 

1- Prepare de paper soaking it.

2- Wet the sponge (or paper towels). 

3- Place the sponge in the tray and then the paper on top.

4- It is ready to use. You can place your paints in the palettes. 

Final comments

The wet palette can be a great help when painting. If your acrylics dry too quickly, or if you live in hot, dry climates, this is the tool for you. 

If you want to know more, leave a comment.

You can also share your practices on Instagram with the hashtag #momilottapaint. I will be happy to see your work.

See you in the next post!


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